The Lab

LATRA builds the world better  by operating its Innovation Lab in situ refugee camps both in Lesvos and across Greece 

Through inclusion and direct hands-on engagement, we co-create  alongside   refugees and migrants projects that empower people to become not just actors in their lives, but directors of their resilient future. Our projects are primarily orientated around :

— Education         
— Culture                       
— Advocacy 

— Infrastructure
— Relief


We provide non-formal STEAM education to equip children, youth and young adults with the necessary skills that will allow them to integrate in 21st Century European society.


We produce interdisciplinary arts and cultural activities centred around intercultural dialogue, intersectionality and sociocracy for the purpose of utilising arts and culture as a mediator for integration.


We advocate for human rights by working together with refugees and migrants in co-creating  awareness-raising campaigns that empower people of all ages to find, raise and amplify their voice on issues concerning their communities.


We provide hands-on construction services geared towards improving the camp’s infrastructure and dignifying the lives and well-being of communities residing in the camp.  


We organise the purchasing and distribution of humanitarian relief items that meet fundamental needs of the community and assist them to survive and prosper during hardship. 

Please consider making a donation that will help us in fulfilling our mission to build the world better by providing a dignified, sustainable and innovative response to the needs of the refugee community in Lesvos. 


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